My name is Marisa, and I write things, most of which are poetry.

I occasionally do commentary posts that don't make much sense without the poem they accompany.

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Lost my black pen halfway through so switched to blue…turned out pretty interesting!



Lonely Day Poems II

my best friend plays guitar
in a shower stall while his friends smoke
in June he’s going to Paris
to explore abandoned catacombs
which he loves.  yet he is not complicated
we became friends when we shared a truck
under a play structure
at age 2

we are suffering
from a shortage
of bike racks.

for too long have the rusted frames
abandoned by alumni long gone on
besmirched our black iron archways.

what use have I
for a bike without wheels?
no chain?  no seat?  left with only
a memory of what had been

today my bike sits with my brother’s
a Target sale purchase
once a neon creation of
“look out, I’m coming through”
he graduated in 2010

we tell our graduates to write
go forth into the world
to do the school proud

their bikes are all they leave behind

Regrets from Last Saturday

shot 3:
I waved at him and dissolved into carbonation
orange soda or punch, I like both
and he smiled back

shot 5:
I think he’s into me.
but I know it won’t work
because I take chances when I drink

shot 6:
he caught me when I slipped
I wore heels and can’t dance for my life
he still didn’t laugh at me

shot 7:
trust me
he was looking at me

should I have texted him?


There is a crowd of people surrounding me and taking photos. I thought that I was the tourist here? (at Temple of the Five Rams)

(via fuckyeahmoleskines)

I have the same birthday as my favorite Japanese poet (Ryuichi Tamura) and I’m not sure how I forgot that.

dear Nicholas, (what I mean when I say I don’t know)

(a) sometimes we looked at each other or at the dry grass
I sat on a concrete sphere in the dirt; you let me be tall
because I complain about being short and you are considerate
"awkward question of the night,"
you began
I already knew
what I answered
would not make your night brighter
(b) not now.
you are a variable, but
I have too many questions 
about “love” and “relationships” and “dating”
(c) I have thought about it
I date you?
mathematical proofs are my weakness
this is instead an explication
of a three-word phrase
(d) you are not at fault
I am trying to buy time for 
my mind to run
to find a definite answer
this phrase is 20% filler
80% partial truths
I do mean uncertainty
(e) not now.
(f) but perhaps in the future.
(g) perhaps in the future

reading parts of The Sound and the Fury out loud for fun when my roommate is out

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